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About Us

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Hi, my name is Steve Schmit.  Susan has been my beautiful bride of over 30 years. We live here in North Platte and have successfully operated our own small business in this awesome community since 1992. During this time, we've gotten to know many of the local businesses and people and have also supported many local charities. We know that it can be difficult to "get your name out there" - our goal is to help you manage that challenge and do it at an affordable price.

We are offering you a unique opportunity to promote your business, or announce special occasions in your family, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. We believe we have the perfect location for you to get your message out there. Drive by, stop and check out this new digital sign for yourself. You'll be glad you did!

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My name is Tim, my lovely wife, Nicole and I are very excited to have the opportunity to invite you to the digital advertising world.  It is really exciting and the opportunities are truly endless. With this sign there are so many things we can do with scheduling, putting on text or even putting on pictures just to name a few. Be creative, and let us help you develop the perfect display for your business or family occasion! We look forward to working with you on what ever your needs may be.

With this digital sign you are able to see the same image going from both directions

In this day & age digital advertising is the way to go! It is very interchangeable & the flexibility is endless.

              We have:

 Monthly, Weekly, Biweekly and Daily 

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 Give us a call at 308-534-1688 or 308-530-6958. You will be glad you did!